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Thursday, March 17, 2005

life is useless~!

Busy life ahead of ME! I got a camp coming tomorrow in PD & will be away for 3 days. Much work to do as my examination is coming near to me. Working choice in doubt as dunno which to choose. Either i be a nanny or be a teacher! haha...well, why nanny pula? I was told that there was a job as a Teacher and helper in a Kindergarden. Mean while, i am waiting for a calls from Sri Bestari Private School for a INTERVIEW. I hope to get the later ones. Cause i am thinking that i am not good in handling the small kids.
Last sunday i stormed the cinema to watch "SEPET". Is a wonderful Malaysian movies as it reflect the true Malaysians. Needless to say, Malaysia has lost it's GLORY in Entertainment industry since P.Ramlee time. Well, i would recommend all of you that have free time, just go check it out in the cinema (NO pirated VCD please) . Its worthy with all the laughter & love story. NO spoiling here dun worry. Take Care!
PS: The title has it's deep meaning on me as i have read upon a BIBLE verse which state : Life IS USELESS. haha...

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