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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

MyF Camp 2005 @ PD 1st D

Back from camp. IT WAS EXTREMELY FUN! This year, the MYF Camp theme was Building Up-Reaching New -Height. ( BURN ) For the First day morning, we have our intro & ice breaking section in the church. (wat to do, PD ppl very hard 2 tolerate.) AFter lunch, we went straight away for PD. Traffic was smooth & the forward team reach b4 the bus. Total Amount of people who joined is 51+2 counselor. Everyones seems quiet becuase they are still new in the camp. Not many people can click together on the first day. But the night begins with much suprises waiting for us. Our speaker Ms. Annette Arulrajah was a tough woman. Well, she is 15 years old for the past 25 years. Get it? haha.. She is very great in planning activities as she has make us sweat for the night. Not many people left unsweat! Oh ya, sermon oh..she speak about identity! Who we are & what can we do about our self to glorify GOD. Some time we just chase after something without putting GOD first. She put in some games/workshop for us to go thru & later explain it to us. We had our own "FEAR FACTOR" going on in this camp as we going thru those obstacles that are CRAZY. It was like "just show your 2 hands up" OMG!...... OK, the games? We have to go thru 4 challenge like passing a guy over the string that are tied 1.5M high (with something that tied on all of us, it is not easy), then chewing bubble gums which are then pass to every one of our group members 2 chew (I got my shock ! But i still chew ON! Gals R freaking it out! :-} ), posing like a basketball net to let a members throw the news paper made basketball into our "net", & we have out face painted with white powder to paint on a black sugar paper. GOSH! MIND U, we have to carry a guy for all the stages eh. U think so easy @@! This was just the first day & we sweat like never before. PD is not COLD either. ok, finally we sit down & listen to what the speaker want us to understand. She refresh us with a talk that actually want us to think of our self. Are we doing the best to prove to the BOSS or what? Why are we not doing it for GOD.? Why so eager to show people what you have. Then later on, We have our Friday Night Fever which is like hunting for something. We have to get '1' cent coins & also rescue people plus beware of hunters. This was quite ok compare to the theme talk...... i am a bit miss off but i will regenerate my mind to complete the actual meaning for the theme talk. Still un-concious. I am just too tired. There are still 2 more days to be told. Wait till i recover my mind. Thats all for the first day! I miss CAMP, people around me, & much more. Perhaps the salty beach, & those fun-filled activities! yeah!

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