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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Politics be damned, it’s English - By Kee Thuan Chye (Must Read)

I read with awe on his article as he 'poked' certain people and decision made by our government. It is a must read for a better understanding on our current situation. Education or politics? Which one comes first?

Please read-Politics be damned, it’s English.

Mom had a conversation with me after reading this article. She said that there was this taxi man who spoke fluent "Ink-Girlish" than those sixth form students and University grads. Standard dropped or University grads lousy?

Passes in SPM is a must. But how can we help them to improve? I'd met with a friend who grew up in rural area. His result is good, but his command of English is weak. Without a good communication and understanding in English, its going to be a DAMN for the youngster. Read Dr.Hsu encounter with a part time nurse he hired.

Friends, time to think for our children. Not politics please.

Language is a form of communication and it is also a knowledge that will bring us further.

In conclusion, I would like to borrow my mom's conclusion: I am sad and pity for the children.


genesispassion said...

early this year we were recruiting for 3 more management traines..we advertised in many major new papers ..WE received no less then 1200 applicants by email and 591 by post!
of these no less then 70 % didnt meet our basic requirements..we conducted short listing at a premier hotel in k.l.

more then 140 attended.

it is too no surprised that , 112 hardly get through the 1st 20 mins..they cant even speak pronunce expressed why they are applying for the job//we are a commercial entity we dont have time to train this biz of competition speed is most crucial.

been the team leader in the selction...i noticed even many chinese fresh graduate dont even meet our basic mark..what else of others!

Jarod said...

Hi Genesispassion,

I am sadden by what you have mentioned here. The qualities is totally unacceptable and their future is at stake.

Perhaps you can share what you have in mind for the future generation, your point of view working in corporate world in your blog. :) At least, this would knock some sense in their head.