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Monday, June 15, 2009

No toll booth?

Read this suggestion.

I say: Abolish TOLL lah...

Why do we need to pay toll in between the same state? Not that we need to travel for long distance. Even a short distance from Kelana Jaya to Puchong will cost you RM 1.60!!!

I say you can forget about earning money from us. Start to think on our behalf. Not even staying near our vicinity. And Shaziman, you can go and dream more k... Don't even know the speed limit!!!

Our highway speed limit in between Klang Valley is 80-90 KPH!


Lastly, he compared in between “Countries like Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia..."

Oh dear, you wanna kena JAB by Chedet? :D


DanielYKL said...

Come and stay in Penang. NO TOLL anywhere you go, of course apart from the bridge that links to the mainland.

Jong said...

Happy belated Birthday Jarod! Here's Aretha Franklin with her "Pride - a deeper Love", enjoy!