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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Live from sk si rusa polling centre

Live from sk si rusa polling centre. Pas people definitely outnumber BN. Currently both party shouting at each others. Police in between supporters.


Salak said...

Heard Teluk Kemang is hot!

Supporters getting rowdy and noisy!

Some remarks heard elsewhere:

PAS supporters: "1Malaysia kena tipu" ("1Malaysia was cheated!")

BN supporters: "Selangor kena tipu" ("Selangor was cheated!")

PAS supporters: "Selangor air percuma" ("Selangor has free water!")

BN supporters: "Air kotor!" ("The water is dirty!")

The Edge

Jong said...

Well, the results are out! Rasuah wins and that's the way it is and gonna be for the electorates in Bagan Pinang. The Indians should be happy with their BN rice-cooker and saris that should last them a lifetime, no?

Jarod said...

rasuah can continue to rule malaysia! haha!