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Monday, February 21, 2005

health concerned

Remember what headlines you saw in The Star yesterday? PE (Physical Education) is considered as a examination subject! Haha...they shud do it right from the start. No wonder Malaysia had so many obesity happening among the student. With the books all right in their face, who would go bother PE? Well, The education ministry might has realize the importance of it right now.

I would like to add some salt & sugar in it. Patiently read it over again for 5 mins & think twice!

The life that you going to lives are NOT BOOKS but human & nature.
The life that YOU lives includes understand the importance of health.

Some people just don't go bother with their own health. But come to think of it, without health, we can't enjoy things that we had. Earning money is common. But what if you neglect your health? You can't work anymore. Thats the worse part. Yesterday nite i watch Singapore Drama entitled "A CHILD's HOPE". It was touching as it shows doctor saving children lifes. But the moral of the story is that we must take good care of our health. A person had sickness, whole family worried about it. I also witness it in a friend that resulted the whole family members as well as those far away worried for him. Same as my family. I use to sick a lot because i don't take care of my health. Over the years, i can recalled myself having a lot of high fever, cough and heart pains. The serious ones were dengue, chicken pox, and diarrhea. I even fainted once due to over heated. That was horrible. I remember when i got dengue, my father was over worried. That day when i returned to my rented room back in Wangsa Maju, i sleep a lot due to tiredness. My father called me but i was asleep & never answer it. My mom told me that my father really worried about me cause he afraid i will get serious. (faint?) Now a days i afraid to sleep if i got sickness. Is very easy for me to accumulate my heat & it will thus cause high fever.

As year goes by, i start to take health seriously. I want the best for myself & my family. Now i am deep into health concern. As we know that our body contain 60-70% of water. [go search for it] Whatever sickness that we have surely related to the water in our body. How clean does the water that we drink daily? Well, to my horror, we are actually drinking earth, curry & strange color of water. Check out your home filter. Very dirty isn't it? After filter, does the water seems clean? NO! Don't you forget small organisme, chlorine, toxic & much more that are in the water. In a research it also stated that our body require clean water so that our organ can absorb it more effectively.

What water are clean water?

Check it out yourself!

Meanwhile, now i am having low fever. Not that serious but still a little bit weak. Take care!

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