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Thursday, February 24, 2005

what kind world is this?

Recently there are alot of murder & raping cases happening around Malaysia. Just this week has happened for 3-4 time. Yesterday was the day of verdict for the DAMM insane guy who raped & killed Canny Ong last 2 years ago. When i look into that guy face, i really wana kick his a$$ , throw smelly eggs , splash him with dirty pee & mugs! He is not HUMAN at all. Damm angry when i see his face.! I wonder how does other think about him. KIll, i cant kill. So, i can only do something like this to let him learn his lesson! But i don't have a opportunity. GOD, he is human. I am HUMAN. I can't do anything. But you can punish him. GO ahead! Let him learn his lesson.
The GOV shud have pay more attention on woman. Let them have a safer place to stay. NOT with all this dumb that will make them facing danger. Hope that the police will work non stop to curb all this rubbish! @#$%^&*()_~! Student that are naughty also wont do this stuff.Even thou some teacher all calling them like that. But i don't agree. I prefer to call those people who dun learn moral & respect human being rubbish! DAMM~ ! i am very angry when i read upon it! chao!

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