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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BN losing support... PR Won!

Look at PP by-election result. Last year GE count was at 5571 votes for BN. This year by-E result; 5067 votes. Even though the winning majority was reduced to 4451 votes, BN has lost their people's trust. 5571-5067=504 votes!

At least 504 voters decided to waste their votes or stay away from BN. Perhaps the most reasonable reason would be "Its Tuesday, people are working! No LEAVE..." ...

In conclusion, both Pas and BN also need to buck up. But hey BN, you can still stay the same and remain UTUSAN as your loyal newspaper that report unworthy news. People don't care anymore!

PAS, PKR and DAP should now buck up and eliminate those unworthy people in the party. We need clean and clever leaders. Not one who don't use their brain.

Credit to malaysiakini for their updates.

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