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Friday, October 24, 2008

~Happy Deepavali~

Happy Deepavali to all my Friends!

May you have a great year ahead and healthy always! Those who are traveling back, drive carefully. Those taking bus, don't over sleep! :)

Have a nice weekend!

Those who are around city, precisely PJ, you can go to MPH warehouse sales. Sales until this coming Monday. Its near the Jalan Universiti. Almost directly in front of the mosque. Those who knows the former Handymart should know where it is. Opposite of it. If you come from Sin Chew building (Rothmans roundabout), Turn left at the corner lot of Colgate factory and go straight. You can park around there and walk. Parking is quite difficult. Be alert for spaces. :) Quite a cheap sales indeed. 9am or 10am until 7pm. Cant recall the time. For more details, you can google for it. Better google for it :) TC!

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