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Thursday, October 23, 2008

“tidak guna solat kalau tidak bayar yuran”- ref Malaysiakini

I was shocked when I read the above statement by UPM staff. Come on. Why do you link $ with religion? It seems to me that the staff have no respect for religion.

Mana perginya moral value anda?

UPM was one of the top University around Malaysia. But look at their ethical values...In Hokkien I would say: Xia Xuey... means shameful or in B.Malayu MEMALUKAN!

The student could have financial difficulty and delay his/her payment. Unless those that purposely don't want to pay, that I can't protect them. One cannot base on majority who are able to pay expect the minority to be able to do it as well. Gone are the days when people are considerate.

Moreover, UPM recently is in hot soup for their unreasonable rejection of their students staying in Hostel. Pretty cool uni huh? I shall leave it to the higher education minister to deal with it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jarod

Oh - You are UPM studentkah? Very sorry state of affairs...What is your major?

Take care and chin up ok?

Blessings to you and yours.

Patricia said...

You are right. Religion is religion. And it is personal. My religion, or lack there of, is my business and no one elses!

And when you mix religion with politics? Like it is in this country? It leaves a nasty taste in your mouth!


Jarod said...

Haha! Masterwordsmith, Luckily i am not a UPM student. I am only concerned for the poor chap. Some of my friends Grad from that Poor UNi.

My major at the moment? no major. Just going to be a freelance teacher :) Teach any where / any student that required my service :)

Yoh PAT, tu ah... otak need to be knock a bit lah... they think like mixing ais batu campur... what the!!!

Can we have the flag terbalik?