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Friday, October 31, 2008

Oi, nothing to do ah!! Keep on Changing road name!

repeat again: Oi, nothing to do ah!! Keep on Changing road name!

I don't know what is in their mind. But I believed this have not come across their brain.

  • When one change a road name, the Map publisher have to update the name again. It was a big hassle for they need to reprint the map and wasted their money on the old ones. After all, no body want an old stuff. People want the latest! The next thing they would say: This is what business are, full of risk!

  • When a tourist buy a map, they would normally keep it for their next trip. They may come 1 or 2 years later, or perhaps 5-10 years later. If you change the name , they will have difficulty to find the exact place again. Let us take for example the Jalan Alor case. The western or European tourist may remember Jalan Alor for the delicious food. When they come to Malaysia after their previous visit which was 5 years ago, they try to look for the name. They will not be able to trace back where it was. Hey, don't tell me the building will not be repaint or renovated! They might have to ask the locals, in which they do not aware of the change of name. Come on lah! After 5 years, their fathers/mothers/uncles/aunties may not have share with them about it. How many will tell the children: Oh.. previously this lane is called as Jalan XXXX!

  • History book will be filled with "this place or road is formally known as XXXX". Is that what we are suppose to learn for our History?

  • Those who are in business field will be affected. They need to change the bill heading, they need to ask the programmer to change the settings, they need to inform all the clients of the changes, and so much hassle that will cause you to faint. Is there a need to make people suffer?

Come on. Why do you need to change name? For what sake? Why don't you use this money for better improvement? So many things that we can do and you chose to deal with this matter! Oi, wake up lah!

Why not change Ali to become Bali... JIB JIB to JIS JIS... LAH LAH to BAH BAH...KUKU to BUKU...YED YED to BED BED.....and the stories goes...


Anonymous said...

Why are the government so stupid? Why not let the politician tender which ever road that they want to change the name and the constituency make some money. By tender I mean they adopt the road and maintain them as well from top to bottom until they tak boleh tahan and maybe pokkai Lah

Patricia said...

Hahahah! You're too funny, Jarod!

But you're right, they're not thinking! They just see a road name, so what's the big deal? They don't see what a name change will cause - and how it will affect other things. Dumbos!


Jarod said...

hahaah Anonymous, Open tender right>? Good one. At least there will be people taking care of the board, dirty d clean up a bit ... then take care of the road as well.. better than DBKL!!!

LoL PAT! Wat to do.. the brain tak de pakai, so we see all kind of crap!