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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Painting of BN Media...

As I was listening to some BN controlled media, they projected a negative remark on Perak's State Assembly meeting. They said it was embarrassing to be held under a TREE!

While they project negative remark, there are thousand of Malaysians celebrating the HISTORICAL event of Perak Speaker having an assembly under a TREE. It is the most significant in Malaysia's history. We can tell our next generation of how they held it under the tree and many people became a witness to it. :)

They can say anything about Perak, but in the end, the decision is in the Voters hand. The world is watching. Of how Malaysia's media twist and turn and the transparency rate is at its lowest point.

Look at Mona Lisa Art work.

Taken from

Compare with this one:

Taken from here.

A good Art can also turn into an ugly art work. Its how they do it.
Now, their paintings shucks!

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