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Friday, May 01, 2009

To Malaysians, An appeal for Peace in Perak

I appeal to ALL Perakians and Concerned Citizens who want to see sanity, political stability and peace back in the State of Perak to come forward and together, let’s make our presence felt at the Perak State Secretariat on thurs 7th May 2009. Let's not allow our children and their grandchildren to think we did nothing, that we just watched "live" on tv as history unfold.

Perak has been and still is without a proper legitimate State Government, close to 3 months now and it has caused grave economic concerns, hardship and threatening the well-being of everyone in the state!

As electorates, we demand that our rights, wishes and views be taken seriously. We are also very saddened and disappointed to note the Sultan’s sordid stand, while most Malaysians have totally lost faith in our courts!

There seems to be too much politicking on both sides of the divide, and a “forced” proceeding of the Perak State Assembly at this point of time will in many’s opinion, not be constructive or at all productive.

Kembalikan HAK Rakyat Perak,
that’s all we ask for!

a concerned citizen

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Eric said...

We'll be there for democratic tourism. See you there.