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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Court has no balls to judge or what?

Nizar versus Zambry case still left hanging. Why push back to High court again? Aiyoh.... Go ahead la.. we know the outcome d. Sure the court will side with BN/UMNO. How do I know the outcome? Cause I have no faith in "your" court and judiciary system.
Sad isn't it?

Until we get rid of UMNO and BN, then may be I will see a brighter Malaysia.

Now, the world is concern of Swine Flu. It has caused over two hundred deaths and affected 16 countries. I do hope it will get better and not be like SARS and JE. Had had enough of it.

With economy as our primary concern, now we have this darn unknown flu storming the world and scare the 'balls' out of us. People, just be prepare. Worst is yet to come.

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