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Sunday, November 21, 2004

3 friends

3 friends longing for the soul of understanding each other. They had been friend's for years that no one know's how much the values has reached. Well, it was all started in secondary time when they began their journey of research or finding the right ones to share their thought. As the time flies, everyone is busy with their life. No ones knows how much their friendship has grown. But to them, it was like a money that you have but couldn't get the relationship. A friendship cannot be compare to money. Years after year, they still remain friend & keep in touch via many ways. They have gone thru those sweet, bitter, memorable, & hard times together. Life is not easy as it was surrounded by all the challenge that we have to face. It was by this only we will matured.

The 3 friend is enegetic yet young with vision to realize. Many people might look down upon them but true to their heart, they will succeed with the encouragement that given to each other. The circle of friends might not big but strong in bond. Thats important for a friendship. Others might not understand them, but they know each other weaknesses & the genius part they can played. Friend are some one whom could be better than your wife...
(i suppose so..)

Friend, if you read upon this, The 3 friend are the one staying in NORTH, EAST, & SOUTH. West don't have far. If you want to meet them, you can always find them at those mamak that open 24 hours or some where secretive ..haha...i don't wana tell you :> They would call some drink, sit together & chat till wee hours until that you could see the moonlight start to shine upon them. Some time, they just don't realize the time are running out as they talk.

Their conversation is like a CEO meeting. P & C. So, understand yah ?

May be they will open the meeting to you, but with invitation only. But above all, i don't think they will. They hardly had time for the meeting themselves, how can they gave their precious time to you...

Their chatting content? What do you always chat about? Thats what they chat lor... *,*

Well, hey! They are not old. Once a while, they will play outdoor games, go walk around the city...They always had teh tarik, beer, & some food. Ya, thats the life they live.
Friend, keep in touch ya. [<*D*>-<*K*>-<*J*>]

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