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Monday, November 08, 2004

thurday till sunday

i m exhausted lor...well, i have been going out all days for the 4 straight day. Gone to KL for the first day to walk around, on friday went to have fun at CLEO 9th Bday bash party (that was fun & HIGH) . Later on stay over-night at a friends house & we talk will the wee hours. Have some beer & chat till all tired. The next day got up quite early & go to Kuala Selangor. This is the second time i went there & have a lot of fun. Went to history places, then have some nice sea food ..i like the 'si ham' & soft crab..nice to have all this in just one day. Plus got opportunity to see fire flies. *(quickly see it now. Research stated that with the pollution, it will not exsist in 5 years time.) Yesterday went to PWTC & check those latest IT stuff . Kind of attracted to some speaker. But after rounding it a few time, it still can't attract me to buy it. The salesman must be sad..haha..thats all i could have remember.

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