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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

US Presidential Election

This was one of the hottest news around the globe. With the result coming out real soon, we ain't know who is going to win yet...Currently the standing are belong to BUSH at 249 while Kerry stands at 221 votes. This year was one of the interesting year which bring 2 presidental so close in VOTES. My prediction would be that BUSH defeat KERRY, but it would up to the american to decide their fate. Hope that Malaysian Share Market would not slump...

Yesterday never manage to go for mamak. Darn rain spoil my days. But eventually i got up quite early & feel the fresh air ... gota go back today *to where i stay*.. & i have use the college internet facilities well with most of my free time surfing the net & manage to clear my email ... haha.. i am listening to sam hui oldies...nice~! TC ~> means Take Care.


Anonymous said...

hihi never knew u were eva interested in politics. thought u care about ur students only.
be glad dat da rain din flood kl larrrrrrr

Jarod said...

hi..haha..i m ever following whats happening around the is kind of care for the world..btw, mind to intro? TC