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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

fit up ur BUTT

Fitness First ~! as you seen in TV comercial, it was like gorgeous in whatever they have. True indeed that today i have a opportunity to try it out. A friend of mine joined it & recommended me for a trial. The branches is at Damansara Uptown above Mac'D. As i fetch my friend along, he bring me to the place. It was nice & awesome. Firstly, the people there ask me to fill up some form & then guide us to all the equipment that they have. Off i go to change myself after he finish. I like the equipment there & is cold inside the gym. I try almost all the equipment that they have. I feel like losing some weight & gain some muscle.(must be psychology thinking.) haha...well, it was tired after a few hours of work-out. Feeling exhausted? Don't worry. They have free drink like green tea, lipton tea, & some soft-drink. I feel like i am starting to like this kind of atmosphere. Is nice when you have nothing to do & you come to this place to release all your tension.

I wonder they offer short period service? If they have, i am going to grab it. My short period is 2-3 months. Money doesn't matter as now they are having offer. RM 150 per months. Cheap if you are going to use their facility everyday. Except sat & sunday. Thats all i can say. i feel refresh after working out at the gym. I am going to do it at home now. TC~!

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