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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LIVE: Nizar rock Chin Woo Hall in Ipoh

Around 1500-1800 people are attending the ceramah organised by DAP.

Nizar said he will sworn in to Parliament on 16 of June. People shout for Nizar! At the moment, Nga Kor Ming is commenting on "Muhee" for his remark on Chinese.

Updates: Crowd reach 2000++ as more people are standing outside the hall. No FRU sighted.

Updates 2: Lim Kit Siang is speaking now. He sent a letter to PM to get votes of confidence from MPs. LKS asked the crowd would they give their vote of confidence to Najib. All said "NO" loudly. Now Altantuya name is being mention. LKS said: How to have one Malaysia, when in Terengganu BN is now having unstable political situation?

LKS said that RAHMAN generation will end with Najib. Then PR takes over. The people clapped and cheer!

Information from my partner J who attended the forum. THANK YOU!


Jong said...

Yeah, rightly put - Nizar's presence "rocked" the forum crowd with his fiery speech! We have to admit he did the inevitable - Menteri Besar Nizar managed to unite Perakians irrespective of their political affliation, race, color or creed within the space of 10.5 months Pakatan Rakyat took office!

Nizar's PM-material and Perakians just love him for his humility, integrity, fairness and sincerity, all done with much professionalism - that's Nizar!

I suggest Prime Minister Najib should consult MB Nizar if he(Najib) is sincere about "One Malaysia" and not "1st family's Malaysia" which is meant for wife, children and brothers all lined up for more contracts and goodies at expense of Malaysians.

Jarod said...

Najib consult Nizar? N versus N? haha!

Rightly put. But I doubt it will happen. For jokes may be :)

Now , I am spoil for choice. Anwar or Nizar? :p

Jong said...

Frankly Jarod, I don't have much hope for Anwar and his PKR now. I am most disappointed with their selection of candidates. Looks to me it's a party full of irresponsible rejects crossed over from UMNO and all those problems we are facing today are from PKR camp.

What I can't understand is when we know Anwar is bankrupt of a suitable candidate to take over the Pengnang DCM1 post so why must be insist on holding on to the post for a PKR chap? Should not the best man from within PR be given the post in the interest of the country and its people? When they start to be calculative within the 3-party coalition, mati-lah!

Jong said...

OOps, sorry 2nd para line 3should read: "Penang"

Jarod said...

PKR has a lot to deal with. They need to change from within internally and externally. Let us see what DSAI will do.

Quietness will not bring one far.

Anonymous said...

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