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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We love BYE ELECTION!!!!

'No Najib, the people love by-elections'

In fact, the people miss not having more three more by-elections in Perak - at Jelapang, Changkat Jering and Behrang. This would have caused an outbreak of spontaneous joy.'

On Najib: Not the time for another by-election
Najib is wrong to say that the people dislike by-elections. On the contrary, they love by-elections.

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Well, we would love to have another few more bye-election in certain areas as to kick some arse. Yes, we hated those frogs that had betrayed us. So Najib, could you allow us to have bye election there? And may be, just may be you can just give us a walkover... :) How about that?


Anonymous said...


We love how BN BUY-election,
and we also love to see how BN 败-election.

peng said...

Ah, now we know Najis really has no b*lls after all...
Let's see what he's going to do when the old man pushes him to take on Penanti and the old man volunteering to campaign! NTV7 conducted a survey and 80% pollsters said NO, old man should not campaign!
Let's sit back and watch the drama unfold further..
(if Najis still decides not to campaign, after the 'all mighty maha' said 'GO', going against maha's wishes will raise HELL!)
Now Najis has 2 tormentors, rosypork and the maha! Ha ha ha!

Jarod said...

Hell will go with Najib where ever he goes. :D

败-election ah? 败败败败败败败败!!! hahahaha

Lose until their pants off!!!