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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Terengganu and Raise A-Team

Rais tells bloggers: Legal action our last resort

Rais Yatim, the new minister who will oversee the cyberworld, began his new portfolio today by inviting bloggers to be partners in implementing government policy.

Law seminar for bloggers ????????

Above news taken from malaysiakini.

When I read this in Malaysiakini, I laugh my "butt" out!!

Law seminar for bloggers? Again? Mean you also need Tun Mahathir to attend? Ok, you can plan and go ahead with it. I will surely CONFIRM MY PRESENCE. Yes, like I am an infant who do not know anything at all and need to go for seminar. Hello, blogging is not like Moral Education. Blog is where we express our thought, we don't need you to tell us what to write. We speak our MIND! We don't hide it~

Now, I wanna speak something on Terengganu. Is there a possibility that the Adun quit UMNO/BN and be independent? I hope for it. Not attending the sitting is a bad start. Why do they do it?

The MB stingy? The MB force them to donate wang ehsan to his account? This is just a guess. I do not know the answer. I hope to get the answer from the Adun themselves. News reported that the Adun were threaten and their life is pretty unsafe at the moment. Well, politics can never assure a peaceful journey for politicians. It is always getting interesting by the day.


peng said...

You speak your mind and mine too..
What to do when they replace one idiot with another more 'experienced' idiot?
As for Terengganu, read Anil's take on the gravy train.. you will know what the bickering is all about.

Jong said...

Hey, another freaking joke! Since when has Rais Yatim the "experienced politician"(it has got into his head, no doubt about it!) has control over cyberworld, huh?

Jarod said...

OH well... he can have everything to himself... cyber world, the peoples' money, Malaysia's richest plantation etc... ALL IN HIS DREAM!

Friend, ignore this moron before he infect you with his "moronic" thought.