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Saturday, January 15, 2005

am i discipline?

Today, i was curious at why i wasn't discipline at all for my tidiness. I ask my mom why she doesn't train me while i was toddled so i can be a person who would like tidy & cleanliness. Unfortunately, i was taken aback by what she reply. She told me that grandma had teach me to clean up stuff...but i forget those days teaching. She told me that a person at my age shud know discipline by itself. You doesn't need people to tell you to clean up your stuff untill someones tell you to do it. Common sense come to it. I shud have know it myself. If i want it to clean & tidy, why not i clean the place & stuff myself. If asking people to clean it for me, it will for sure have a lot of problem as other's will miss-placed your stuff. Is true! i got to clean up my room for my self so that i know where have i put all my things. Cleanning never seems ending. Tc!

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