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Friday, January 14, 2005


As the years go by, i find my self living in a fast pace world. Everything went past me & i could n't figure how long i have left my school days. My secondary school was a great year but not as great as my college days as i learn more about this world. Well, while i go to bank to deal with some stuff today, i saw a guy . Let's call him --- MR. AU --- he was my classmates before & we hardly talk. The reason is that because he always like to called me with a bad nick name & i think he hates me as well-> (coz i was a prefect then.) I myself also hated him for calling me that way. But at least i have learn to forget it & try to forgive him. Anyway, when i saw that he is working now (he is wearing a shirt refering to a company), at least is much better than he deal with the dark world that involved in fight & all those stuff. Perhaps, i wish that one day we will bump into one another & have a nice talk. Minus those arguement & bad nick name. GOD BLESS HIM. May GOD also guide me, lead me into GOOD path & not into bad behaviour. Tc~!

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