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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Update for today

Is been some time i update my blog side bar. Well, today i had add some of the useful link that u might find it interesting. If you encounter any nice & interesting link, please let me know. Oh ya, my exam huh...well, i don't understand why the education department of TARC like to come out with question that i myself are not familiar & i think is also another 50%-50% paper...haha..hope that it will pass as i done almost all but may be it was false information/answer...haah...Next paper will be Data Structure & Algorithms. Below are the time table of my examinations for the next coming paper:

SATURDAY AM 1/22/2005

R(DCO2)- 5
Venue: H5( 16- 20)
Time:2 hrs

TUESDAY AM 1/25/2005

R(DCO2)- 7
Venue: V6( 55- 61)
Time :2 hrs

FRIDAY PM 1/28/2005

R(DCO2)- 17
Venue: M4( 89- 105)
Time: 2 hrs

AM start at 9am while PM start at 2pm.

well, chao...take care ya u guys. Curious how i can online? In college IT lab now. Cold & freezing. Gota go home now & study for nex paper. bye bloggie reader!

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