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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

what a lucky ME

Well, as busy as i am (tomorrow having exam).... i still managed to get a few happy moments today..first, i went to puchong to get some stuff...then, i thought that why not i go & visit my EX-school (the one i teach, not the one i study..) suprise as i am, i managed to meet a few students of mine. It was a lucky me as they are having practices after school..haha..well, it bring me back to memory of those months that i teach them. I feel like going back there to teach. Is there any spaces available? well, as time flies, let GOD arranged everything. Take care!
PS:- i am able to online cause i remember my OLD HD still can be used. haha...thats why it was a happy day for i can't use MSN. urr...

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