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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dedicated to a friend

A friend, is always by your side,
Listen to your heart,
Bring comfort when we needed it,
Bring joy to each others life,
Where we share the moments,
Share the Love...

Don't you ever forget the way we lived our life,
Don't you ever forget the friendship we have build on,
Don't you ever forget the fun we had gone thru,
Don't you ever forget the dream you had (hold on).

I wish upon the star everyday hoping you'll be fine,
As the time flies across us,
I hope that there is a day,
you will bring along your dreamed home to see us.

I am happy to let go this friendship,
So that you can run after your dream,
And this is what a friend need to sacrifice,

All for you, It's your life [X 4]

This stuff is dedicated to a friend who will leave Malaysia to further studies in other country. It also reflect another friend's thought that his best friend will leave him for his futures. GOD BLESS YOU.
ps"> It was originally a song lyrics but later on, my friend take it as a POEM. i have no idea...haha

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