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Friday, January 28, 2005


hahahahaaha..... finally my exammmmmmm ooooooverssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i think i will need to resit some paper again. What a paper that i have today..i have no idea what i am doin! when i enter the examination halls, my brain went DEAD immediately! SHoCked me & i really cant concentrate. I cant think of the damm formula & just couldn't figure it out! IN the end, almost half an hour before the timeline, i suddenly remember back some formula & start writing like a GENIUS@!..wahaahh.. . well, not genius, more like a dummies..haha.. :o) some day, i will find myself doing something better for you & for me?????? apa ni>? no idea. Well, i am going to plan what i shud do for this whole week. CHINESE NEW YEAR reaching soon. Cleaning is a must! I must admit that my room is in a mess. My surrounding is like jungle...WAT/HOW am i going to celebrate CNY? HU! Well, i think i will need more support to do all this stuff in 1 week. K, got 2 go...catch up more with u guys after i get home & format my comp. BYE!

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