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Friday, February 27, 2009

Hike the TOLL and ZERO Vote from Malaysians

Go ahead and raise the toll rates. I do not care a heck. I would love to see BN and UMNO fall!! The more you increase , the more happy I am. hahaha!

Yes, it does made me heartache. I am an Anti-Toll supporter. However, I see the way BN deal with Malaysia, it has gotten out of common sense. So, why not just get rid of them and soon we might get rid of the TOLL as well? :D

One stone kill two birds! I am anxious for this day to happen. :)

Current economic situation does not go down well for Malaysians. I just got to know a student has to drop out of educational program due to his father's retrenchment. It is sad to know that it can affect a child future.

Workers retrenched

Toll Hike

Robbery happen every day

People paying more for daily needs

Money will be the focus rather than family matters

The list can go on. Its a matter of how a Government help the citizen. As we believe in Good Government, can the Government please put some sense in people's difficulties?

Back to the Floor!!!


peng said...

The government is so inconsiderate to increase the toll during an economic slowdown, as if the highway concessionaires will die if they shelve the toll hike for another year! The government would rather see the people suffer than the big tycoon toll concessionaires!

Patricia said...

I think it is all a ploy, Jarod.

I don't think they mean to actually raise it at all. Just wait and see, they'll say 'not just yet, because the rakyat cannot handle it'.

And it will be pulled back, and we'll say: Yay, what a caring government we have!


Jarod said...

is all a Movie Show. They won the BEST ACTOR/ACTRESS and SUPPORTING ROLE? Remember? HEhe!!

The current Government seems not to be Govern by People. They are a bunch of Blood Sucker BATS!

Jarod said...


Their consideration sudah tak boleh PAKAI lah...

I doubt they are Malaysians!!

Beyond51 said...

I agree with Patricia, it's juz wayang. Imagine the toll hike was approved by the cabinet, how could the PM not aware. Why the Works Minister announce the hike and the very next day PM say otherwise. If it is for the concern of the rakyat from day 1, why bother to announce it in the first place?

Jarod said...

Thanks for dropping by, Beyond51.

Very much a BIG U TURN!!! :)

It appeared in today newspaper. :p

Well, they can play any good show and the people are not dumb!

We r smarter!

Come back to the agreement, why they never think on behalf of the people? Why they simply sign and allow such increase every year to burden the people?

Those question above lead to one answer: They wanna suck our money!