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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Najib forgot to get rid of the roots~!!!

Perak Speaker Sivakumar suspended BN's exco and MB. He ruled that they were in contempt of the assembly. I have no idea how it link.

However, for this to happen, I thank the Pakatan for being wise. Umno has taken what that does not belong to them. Now, Perak is in deep trouble. Crisis for some; for me, its another good show from Pakatan. Yes, there have been too many good show lately. We can forgive RTM if they fail to reach the audience around the city. We have been busy with news that come every day. Then, we upload online of what we thought and feel. Some of us decided not to upload anything, but instead read and digest on it. It has been a phenomenal week? No?

Najib intention of taking over Perak has succeeded. However, he forgot to remove the roots. :p

My grandfather used to shout at me for plugging the wild plants without the roots. He said it will not kill the wild plants totally. Being innocent and not knowledgeable about plants and roots, I simply plug and cut away the wild plants without the roots. Yes, it grows back to its normal self. haha!

Then I see of how patience he is towards gardening. He took a screw driver and start digging the earth to soften then soil and take out the entire roots.

BN's is not patience, therefore they failed. In everything, roots are the most important of all.

I wish you happy cutting away the roots, BN!

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