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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

KDN rampas Harakah, akhbar PKR

Akhbar dwimingguan PAS Harakah yang memuatkan edisi- edisi terkini pergolakan politik di Perak dirampas di negeri itu, Kedah dan Selangor. Difahamkan pengedar-pengedar juga diberikan amaran agar tidak menjual tabloid rasmi parti itu. Gangguan Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) juga didakwa berlaku di Pulau Pinang dan Johor. Taken from malaysiakini.


My parents have a small business selling newspaper. There was once an independent newspaper salesman came and ask for permission to put their newspaper in the shop to sell. After one or two day, the MXX newspaper salesman came and threaten not to distribute to us their daily paper because we allowed the independent newspaper to be put on rack with MXX's newspaper. Business is competitive and this is not the right way.

KDN irresponsible towards the Pakatan newspaper will only show one thing. You are afraid of FALLING! What a big joke and the most lamest of all. Well, sapu as much as you can. You does not know the strategy to win...

I foresee that in every battle, you are losing bit by bits. The dirty ways will not bring you far! I always observe the dirty hands will have victorious in the beginning, and end up a failure under his or her own hands.

A good foundation will bring prosperity, a weak foundation will crush you dearly!

Perhaps, a yellow card for you now, and a RED card will come soon!

The RAKYAT are your referee!

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peng said...

Are they going to rampas our blogs next??? Idiots!