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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Send your thought to DYMM Sultan of Perak - Beritahu DYMM Sultan Perak komen anda

Please send your opinion to DYMM Sultan of Perak. It is important for him to know your thought. It is taken from Royal Website. Kindly use polite word worthy of his HIGHNESS. Thank You.

There will be a gathering of 50K people at PERAK MB residence on Thursday night, 8PM. Read MT for details.

Sad day for Perak, sad day for me.


Anonymous said...

HRH, we the rakyat have great respect towards you, in fact my late father lawyer Devadason who has often speak about your fairness and wisdom, I believe HRH will do the right thing and call for a snap election for Perak to enable the Perakian to speak and choose, let's put this matter to rest once and for all.

God Bless HRH of Perak.

Azlan Devadason

Jason said...


I am the new generation, i mean first time to vote in election. I like and support now the new government, i not accept and will not respect to BN, because now is Perak people want fair, peaceful and harmony like existing government. Tuanku, Please understand what we need.

Warm regards,


andyching said...

The past, I'm very proud that i have a very sincere and justice royal sultan in my state, always talk to my foreigner friends about this, but now is opposite, because his just make a wrong decision or perhaps the decision is come from other party which may due to something. I beg sultan to give a chance for Perak state citizen to have their own right to choice a government. Please, and "Hormatilah Sebelum Anda Dihormati". Thank you very much. Andy Ching.

Jarod said...

Jason aka C.L.Chan,
it is also the first time for me to vote and involved in politic directly during 308. I ask that the younger generation of YOUTHS come forward and join me to bring more younger generation of voters to register them self and make a change for Malaysia!

I rely and place my HOPE on you!

Andy ching,
Thank you for promoting Perak. Let us unite together and bring back Perak to Pakatan!

Azlan D.,
Let Sultan think and see for him self of how his subject think. We will be with the Pakatan.