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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Osman, Jamaluddin , and Hee + The rest - If you join BN/UMNO, you are the worst of the worst

Perak YB and the rest, You read my headline.

If money is what you want, better get ready a coffin for your future use.

I hate money lover like those UMNO fella.

If integrity is not in your mind, if peoples needs is not in your sight, it is better for you to quit. BN or UMNO may offer you good sum, but you will be judge for what you have done. Without principle in your life, you are the worst of it all.

The majority of people hate corrupter. Try and join BN and you will have a FACEBOOK Group credited under your name. Just like how Ahmad Ismail did, now we have thousand over who hated him. Be some one of principle and behave like one. Once you take the wrong step, you will be punish for your wrong doing. Case close.


peng said...

They will be cursed by the money they accept. I know it is not good to say so, but I am so angry now!
God please save Perak! From corrupted leaders.

Jarod said...

same here. note the coffin for them. i am thinking of coming up with a selection of Coffin for them. Sigh.