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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Toyol, what if I "accidentally" take a shot of your 'adik' and upload it online, will you quit being a MP?

Toyol, what if I did like what my title said? So, you have to quit being a Rakyat representative because YOU tak ade Moral or you have to jail me up for accidentally taken a shot of your lil humming bird?

You claimed that she is in her sexy pose when she is asleep? or like this when you are asleep?


K.Toyol, is this you in this nude photo of a baby?

Oh yes, he / she is naked. So what? Babies born naked. I am sure you swing your lil humming bird around when you are young. So what? Haven't seen a naked photo? Why the fuss with naked photo? Every day you take a shower and look at your so call 'sotong' adik. Oh yes, just that you are having your private time. It was just a photo of Eli Wong in her sleep. It was taken without her consent!!!

While you, telan so much of our monies and I haven't cucuk you yet. You even disrespect your former YB by giving them BROOM! You simply accused Teresa Kok for things she has not done. The lists are long enough that it can cover your body!

Edison's scandal was due to his playboy attitude of screwing with several women.

Chua Soi Lek was due to his private sex life being exposed by unknown culprit.

Eli Wong? Mind you. Is just a sleeping position and you said as if she is posing in sexy position. Please invite me to your house and let me capture your sexy pose while you are asleep!

Dah lah, Cukuplah! Toyol, kau ni mengecewakan pengundi yang mengundi kamu. Mereka mengundi kamu supaya kamu melakukan kerja kamu sebagai seorang YB. Kesian pengundi kamu kerana kamu tidak melaksanakan tanggungjawab kamu. Masa kamu telah digunakan dengan sia-sia sahaja untuk benda-benda yang tak berguna bagi Kerajaan Selangor and penduduk-penduduk di kawasan pilihan anda. Sebagai seorang Ketua Pembangkang pun tak tahu etika kamu. Teruk betul...

Lebih baik kau sahaja yang berhenti, BUKAN EXCO SELANGOR ELIZABETH WONG yang melaksanakan tanggungjawab dan tugas dia.


CYberMoo said...

What do you from a man or Toyol who cannot differentiate the word coffin and coffer.

peng said...

I can see you are damn mad! So am I!
did yo get a good look at the Tempe face? How distorted it is? Soon we won't be seeing much of the eyes.. after all the injections and the face lifts! Another MJ monster in the making?
BTW, it's a ikan bilis, not sotong..

Jarod said...

thanks for your visit.

aiyoh Peng.. he must have sleepless night... few million to be settle if he lost the battle... lol...

I think MJ might have meet up with him... he might be changing skin to avoid people recognition.. kek ekek...

Initially i want to put Lembik, but sotong better,,,, SOTONG lembik mah...hahah! ikan bilis too small oh,,, cannot see at all..muaahahahaahah