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Friday, May 30, 2008

Interesting Abbreviation

Out of boredom, I was looking through my dictionary to know what does the Abbreviation that I usually read upon. Below are just few of it:

e.g. = exempli gratia (From Latin, means for example.)

etc = et cet·er·a (From Latin, means and others, and so on.) Pronounce as [et set-er-uh]

id est (From Latin, means that is, in other word.) [Origin: id est]

Taken from

However, I'm more interested in politics abbreviations. This has been flowing in my mind for a certain period.

BN-Boh Now=Means brainless in hokkien by 9pek9bo

There are more. But I can't think of it at this moment...Share with me. I love it. TC

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