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Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm damn KNN

Singapore gained the rights over Batu Puteh Island. Middle Rocks belongs to Malaysia. Check out Malaysiakini for more info.

What's my opinion? Perhaps, It is better for Singapore to manage that tiny island rather than giving it to Malaysia. I am still disappointed with the way our minister dealing with the current government. I don't see the point of having another Island if we can't manage a country well at the moment. Am I giving the Kiasu Singaporean a favor? Perhaps yes, I like Singapore. The way they run it is much better; even though there are some loopholes, but they are much better.


Another matter popped up. Dunno which Banana KNN Islamic group said that the current secondary school Malay's girl uniform are too sexy for our eyes sight!? What? Your eyes got problem or your imagination running wild after a tablet of Viagra? MIC* wan ah?

Please! For the education or for your own sake, you got nothing to criticize is it? That uniform cover all body and does not even showed Sexiness! I wonder how come I don't fantasy of them when they are wearing it. I see the girls wear it every day while I was in Secondary school. Yet I don't seems to be attracted to them... Sei lo...I got problem, Cause I Cannot STEAM when I see them! Cause I don't see the sexiness!!!! KNN!

Must they wear that Uniform to make me steam? KNN!

Unless if it is raining and they are soak with raining water, else I don't find any sexiness in it. (Rain water causes the uniform to stick to the skin, thus I believed that will cause some sexiness.) Bugger, cover every part eh!!!!!

This will lure man to rape them and also cause Pre-marital Sex!? WAh liao... Come on lah, we know its GUY/Men Fault. They lack self control. I'm a man, I know there are temptation. Aren't you suppose to have motivation talk to the GUY and TEACH them how to be aware and take preventive measure? Not to blame all on women on how they should behave them selves. KNN! I wonder do they think about this matter before bringing this out? Senseless without any support!

This reminds me of my visit to Thailand. The college girls uniform is sexy enough that I don't think Malaysian are able to take it. Black colour knee length skirt, and White colour cloth. Some girls wore it above knee length for the skirt. Mostly do. Man, that's what I call sexy to which I really Pay Attention while I walk around touring Thailand. At one point I was thinking: I don't wanna leave this land of Sexy Girls! hahaha...

Friends, Malaysia is like kids. Haven't grow up. Singapore are more modernize, with sexy girls around the corner. I think Singaporean is almost like Thailand. Girls know how to make up and be pretty on the streets. Thai girl dislike people who are messy. They like smart looking people. That's what I was told :)

GIRLS, Be yourself. Do some touch up but not too much. Malaysian men, Behave a bit lah...

*MIC-Made In China

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ERNST said...

While no country is perfect, SG is without any doubt far more perfect than MSIA.Glad we both share the same unselfish :D opinion.

Regarding to the white blouse thingy that poor paranoid lady probably grew up in a family where ogling the ladies bosoms was the favorite pastime of the male members to come up with such pea brain ideas!