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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Who am i? Politician or Activist?

After March 8th, I found my self more expressive about the development of my own country. I'm no longer curious about movies or drama series running on TV. I'm more curious on the Parliament proceedings and the outcome of it.

Which one you think I am after reading so many posting that I have posted up here?

Not only me. My parents are more concern on what is happening. People surrounding me are talking about how the Parliament has been going on. I used to HATE politic because I know its dirty. However, as I go deeper into it; I realized that politic happened because some people go into it to make him/her self fame or gain some benefit from it. While some people do it because he or she had had enough and want to voice out how the citizen felt in their heart. Dirty? I don't think its dirty anymore. Some part of it you can call it as cheating. Otherwise, name it as Strategy!

Do you know that The ENGLISH and The Chinese have a chess set that resembles a war? Well, Politic is just like the way it should be in a chess competition. Firstly, use/moves your soldier. Sacrifice it if it is necessary. (That's what they called as Kambing Hitam!) Then you may use your other warrior to fight the bigger army. (That's diperalatkan!) Of course, you must plan your game well. Set a trap and allows the enemy to set foot on your trap. BINGO!

Internet had played its role by providing huge base of information. People can read it once it was updated. Just like the RPK case, I've been following it quite close as it involves blogger. I am a blogger. I want to see how the judge deal with it.

As a citizen who loves this country very much, I want to see some improvement.

So, Who am I?

*Sorry taiko Jackie Chan, Borrowed your Movie title!*

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