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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Blogger a national toxic

Blogger had become so "useful" or "The next best thing on earth" that majority of the politicians own it. Before we were being rated as monkey, we were one unknown folks that happily typed what we felt on the the issues that concerned us. Since GE08, we have been rated as monkey and now a days I felt like I am blogging more sadly. Perhaps it also gave me a cause to blog about what is happening over Malaysia, my beloved country. Now, we were like birds being jail up, being watch by CCTV, being mark down for fear of bringing national threats. Blogger, shall we change our identity? Can we blog more happily? Or i shall just continue to be a 3 year old kid and be childish?

Reader, I am somewhat disappointed by what is happening around me. This morning i almost shed my tears for a clip that show the FRU harming the innocent citizen. Watch the video and tell me how you felt. Sad :(


Andrew said...

actually i x really understand this. hmm... mind telling me the story?

Anonymous said...

Blogger was not that famous previously. It was normally use by those not so famous ppl to communicate. Then, now a days a lot of politician use it as well. There are also people who watched over us. If we write anything wrong, they will come after us. haha! that is why i say we have 2 be careful lo...

from Jarod

fie the elf said...

GE08 was not enough. BN still doesn't respect us.

Even the police is on their side! It just makes me so angry.