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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mourning for victims of Natural Disaster

I humble down to the nature,
For their Strength and might.

I cried for the pain the peoples endured,
YOU have to be strong to face tomorrow.

China citizen, May God be with YOU! Be strong to face tomorrow as life still a long way to GO!

Myanmar, May GOD be with You as you strive on for survival! The helps is on the way. Hang ON!

To the kids who had lost your parents('s), Be brave, Embrace for a better tomorrow!

To those teacher who had lost their lives while saving the students, I salute you for being selfless and brave!

To the people who had donated without hesitation, I salute you for being generous.

Finally, I just want to lit this candle to remember the victims. There are still light in the midst of darkness. Take care!

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