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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

1st LGE, Now RPK! wth

It was really a sad day for Malaysian as RPK was jailed for his article. He will be on trial in the month of October. Previously, YB Lim Guan Eng , who were trying to get justice for a malay girl was put into ISA. Now RPK was in jailed because he want to bring justice to the Mongolian girl who was murdered in 2006. Both fight for justice and denied it.

Now, the similarity is that both fight for justice, both fight for female and yet both of them will be remember well by the Malaysian for their great act. Where is the freedom of speech? RPK is just voicing out his concern and demanding an end to this matter.

Form what i can see, it's his pure unconditional love for the victim that he had acted upon this matter. He is frustrated, so do I! I too want the JUSTICE being done to the person who had killed the Mongolian girl. May the person who had done this cruel killings be sentence to death and the indirect people link to this matter be rotted in HELL.

It is not right for a Christian to condemn such a person. It is not my duty or rights to judge what the person had acted. However, I'm really frustrated and have no where to express my self. Ever since the March 8 election, I started to see some bright future for Malaysia. Now, I think we need to aim much more higher! That's for the PA to topple over the current BaNana who had been ruling in such a bad manner and controlling the whole thing. They too tried to cover so many things and claimed that it was a secret act or stated that its for the good of the public. What the heck!? You think Malaysian is 3 -4 yr old kids? WHO IS STILL SUCKING THE PACIFIER? Shame on U!

An Oxford that does not talk like an OXFORD does.(Talk more like OX!) A MP that does not think for the Public. I don't need all this people! People, its time to change everything! I don't want to wait till 2013! I want it NOW!

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fie the elf said...

I agree. I wish the best of luch for RPK and if he or his family needs donation for lawyer's fees or whatever.. im willing to donate!