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Friday, January 09, 2009

155 NS Down with Food Poisoning

Read here. The star online.

I've been to a NS camp site and I know how terrible is the food. (Perhaps some are good. I do now know. Enlighten me please.) On health and clean wise, I doubt there is any measure taken for the sake of the trainees. If such measure is taken, this would not even happen. Some time the operator just do not care a damn of those who consume their food. Too many hassle? Then do not cook. Do not do business. Quality control is never taken seriously by some people.

Government kept on assuring parents that their children will be safe. Look at what that had happen... Time to do something about it.


peng said...

Camp cleanliness and proper cooked food are both fundamental and basic requirement to ensure a safe NS. If the authorities cannot ensure this, then don't talk about other issues like trainers conduct etc.

On another note, it is good for parents and the NGOs to bring up issues like these. My friend's daughter is selected to participate in the 1st batch 2009. She went for the medical checkup. Her mother pointed out that her daughter has a medical condition but the doctor said it is not a good excuse enough to declare her unfit for NS. So off she went to NS. On the second day, she called her parents informing that she is released from NS, due to her medical condition. It seems the NS camp doctor declared her unfit!

So you see, after the outcry over the rising number of deaths in NS, they are cautious with the health condition of the trainees.

We have to continue to highlight issues like these, hoping to push for change and improvement in NS.

Jarod said...

Conduct huh? I read some where that their conduct is getting worst. I am not going deeper into it. I am all boil up!!!

At least they learn from mistake. But still, there are a lot of areas that need some improvement like you had said.

I am pretty down today. some one drive me up the wall!!

peng said...

Take it easy Jarod. Look at the lighter side .. if you can be driven up the wall, you are either spiderman of superman! Smile, ok!

Jarod said...

OK OK.. Thanks for your joke that I am able to smile... already over. I cool down quite fast :)