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Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am NO Longer Happy!

Previously, I am very HAPPY. The reason I am Happy is Because I have HAPPY with me. Now, HAPPY turned her BACK on me. She no longer make me happy. She made me sad and I want to throw her away. She cheated on me. I hate cheater who promise all kind of promises and change their thought. Always say will give people HAPPINESS and so on. Now, you are giving me SADNESS!!! From Now onward, I shall call you SAD!!!! Sad SAD GIRL!!! : ( : ( :S

Serious note:

I am a user of HAPPY Prepaid. Its a Mobile prepaid package under DIGI. The initial price for calling any network cost at RM 0.99 per call up to 45 mins. If you call less than few seconds, it will charge you 1 cent per second. For SMS rate, it cost 10 cent per sms.


"During Happy Hour, an extra long call up to 45 minutes at anytime from 9:00am – 5:00pm will only cost an affordable RM0.99! If your call is under 3 minutes, pay only RM0.33 a minute for all calls to your Happy friends.

Calling your friends will always be easy on your wallet even if they are on other networks! Enjoy long conversations at only RM0.99 for the first 15 minutes, and RM0.33 a minute thereafter." (Taken from not so HAPPY website.)

Friends, If it is you, will you be HAPPY?

Lucky that I have not adopt it for FULL TIME USAGE. Just taken a part of my life.

Well, HAPPY no MORE!


Anonymous said...

That's why I dun like to change my hp service company. Troublesome!

Last time register with TM Touch during their promotion. But later found out the promotion is not true. I didn't take the sim card. Cancel the account. But the company keep charging me non-stop. Even issue a letter fr lawyer to chase me for money!!!

In the end, I had to make police report and tell them my IC being abuse.

I've learn my lesson now. Dun simply register for cheap stuff!

Jarod said...

Pity you. Is really troublesome to go through all this.


FYI, this prepaid package is just a Supplementary line. I hardly use it. I am a 012 user :)

I use it because its cheap when i call friends and talk for hours :)