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Friday, January 09, 2009

Players, Please place your bets!

BN candidate, If you fail to win;

"Calon BN telah ambil risiko yang tinggi sebab kalau tidak menang, beliau kehilangan kedudukan di Dewan Negara dan kedudukan sebagai timbalan menteri di samping tidak boleh nak dapatkan semula jawatan setiausaha politik (kepada Abdullah). Taken from Malaysiakini.

Wow... His bet is big! Do you need to bet until like that? It reminds me of Hong Kong mafia where they usually threaten the person to bet everything from monies, homes, people and etc. He is serious...

Perhaps we shall give him the quote from Batman's Dark Knight where Joker said: Why Soooooo serioussssss......

Btw, I do not encourage any JUDI HARAM here K... Just a post for entertainment.

Is it worth the bet? For now, I am looking forward to election day. Friends who know me will know my pick. :D

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