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Friday, January 30, 2009

Vandalism - To release frustration

I witness a vandalism around my housing area. This "not so gentleman" whacked the pad lock, tore the banner away from the barricade, then wrote on the steel board. I managed to capture it on Video. A lady came upfront and talked to him. Well, his anger still at large...

This narrow road was initially close when the residents shifted in. It was some irresponsible maggot who does not live here that open it up for their own convenience. Anyway, it has become one of the busiest road. Not to mention the accidents that had occur.

I have to admit that the surrounding exits are limited and residents of this area are furious. How about the residents who have to bear with the noise pollution? The sound of Honk and break, the hurl, the shouting, and also the JAMS!

This is just a residential area, not HIGHWAY! Sigh. Who causes all this? Damn the Previous Councilor who approved without proper consideration and plan for the future. Big Sigh indeed. (I have high hope for the current councilor to do a better job. Do not disappoint me!) PJ is catching up with KL. High rise building and jams will soon be a numb factor. It will fade away like history. Sooner or later, my voice will fade away too...


Patricia said...

I don't think it's right, what he did, but I can understand his frustration.

So many of the places where we live seem to have been designed by a psychotic and deranged town-planner, no?

No traffic flow systems in place, nowhere to park, so few green lungs and parks for replenishing - it is just house after house and right in the middle of the mess: a huuuuuuggggge condo, just to ADD to the chaos that there is already there!

So how to not get angry?!

Like all our problems today: it all starts at the source.


Jarod said...

so, have to hantam them kao kao hor? :D

peng said...

Have you heard of the 'broken window' theory?
Malcolm Gladwell in his book 'The Tipping Point' talked about this theory that of a broken window is left not repaired, it will eventually attract more vandalism to the surrounding property.
In the case which you witnessed, the theory don't apply. This man vandalized for his own convenience.
If the dog is in your way, kick the dog. That's his theory!

Jarod said...

hmmm, he is vandalizing the property near my house, Can I kick him? :p

I doubt he ever know the theory that you had mention here.