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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ridiculous Higher Education Ministry!

Ministry to woo foreign students- Taken from thestar

JOHOR BARU: The Higher Education Ministry is drawing up strategies to attract more students from Africa and the Middle East to study in Malaysia.

“Malaysia houses not only institutions of higher learning established by locals, but also many campuses set up by other international institutions here,” Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Khaled Nordin told a press conference in Plentong yesterday.

“With 41 private and 20 public institutions in the country, we are in a good position to attract them,” he said. Khaled said the ministry would ensure the institutions’ policies and the disciplines offered were of international standard.

He said that organisations like the Malaysian Qualification Agency and Malaysia Medical Coun­­­cil would ensure the quality of education provided by the institutions remained high.

“We have also requested all the private institutions to participate in the rating programme (for institutions of higher learning),” he said.He said Africa and the Middle East were huge potential markets with 43 million people having qualified for tertiary education.

The 60,000 foreign students currently studying here were also working on recruiting more students from their home countries, he added.


CRAP! With so many form 6 leavers cannot get entry into University, they are now offering other country's citizen the opportunity to study in Malaysia. You have not solve the needs of Malaysians, yet you are now helping others.

Previously, you requested for Malaysians who are working out side of Malaysia to come back and help Malaysia progress. Look at the way you deal with things, you are not even helping to maintain Malaysian who work here. Disappointed.

How those of good qualities Malaysian could stay back and help Malaysia when their own country is not helping them? What a good way to shoo away Malaysian in the beginning of the year.


Anonymous said...

just like what Chinese said "外国的月亮比较圆"。。。moon in other country looks nicer.

So, i guess our country's moon is not so nice compare to the "imported moons".

Or, they just want to improve the univ ranking in this country. one of the criteria is "foreign students"! So more foreign students, higher the ranking. They don't care about the quality of student, they just "main import saja".

As long as imported, sure good!

peng said...

Foreign students or will they become legal 'illegal' workers? Just like so many Chinese nationals who come here on a student visa and ended up working in the flesh trade!

Jarod said...

Spot on Peng. Too much of it. they misuse the privilege given to them while a lot of Malaysians was not given the entry.

SANJIUN, Malaysia punya 月亮 will never be bright because our weather is cover by HAZE all the time... LoL...

Honestly, the moon at SABAH is nicer. You have to climb mount KK to know that i am saying the truth.

hmmm... i think whether the foreign coming to study or not , it will not affect the standard. The UNIVERSITY it self menjatuhkan Maruah and standard....

imported quality may not be good... see, China Dolls everywhere in Malaysia!!! haha...