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Friday, December 05, 2008

After PP, here come KT. The people want to say: I Not Stupid~!

On 17 January 2009, Kuala Terengganu voters will have a battle against UMNO. After PAS lost by 628 votes, it is time for them to rearrange their strategy and win this seat.

There have been so many ridiculous remark and statement made by certain minister, MP and higher authority. Some seem to be inconsistent and challenge the citizens mind. What ever it is, I just want to send a message over.

We can think for our self. We can judge what you say on whether it is truth or fake. Please, before you say anything, be as wise as Sultan Selangor who use his words nicely. I doubt whether you can think "nicely".

Read more details on KT Election at M'siakini.


Anonymous said...

i wonder how much money BN gonna spend to "give candy" in KT this time...

to be more precise, how much RAKYAT's money will be spent.

peng said...

As in PP, I think the KT people not stupid lah. They give take, simpan poket (after all it's the rakyat's money). When pangkah, they know which one not to pangkah..
(Psst.. Jarod you lighting the candle this Sunday? If all goes well, I think I will be there too.. see ya!)

Jarod said...

Hi Sanjiun,

Thanks for your notification. Almost forget the Candies offer. Let us see what they r gonna offer to the people. Hmmm... Proton car for each person who vote for them? :D

HEy Peng, I tell the KT ppl not to be stupid d... hope they will wake up!!!

This sunday coming. Next sunday wont be able to make it...

see u!