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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Before you close, build a better edu sys - Sebelum tutup sekolah vernakular, bina system pendidikan yg Baik dulu - ref Malaysiakini

Mukhriz saran tutup sekolah vernakular

Click above link to read in details of what he said. Not because I am a Chinese, I must therefore support the vernacular school. What the heck with your Ketuanan Melayu? Hello.. what era is this?

Have you visit Chinese Primary / Secondary school to see the efficiency of these school? Of course there are flaws, but at least the standard is much higher than national school. What that you had provided will NEVER match vernacular competitiveness.

It is because of its competitiveness that earned them a good reputation. So, tell me, in term of Education, have the national school reach the highest standard? If it does, then may be you can talk about closing down vernacular school and put them together with National school.

In this century, the vernacular school must also look ahead. Adopting English to teach in Maths and Science will bring the future generation further. Do not think that by using Mandarin Language we will be able to survive. Yes, we can. But we might miss out opportunity or advantages that could bring us up a level. Change is a must. For our future education!

Some are still criticizing on the usage of English to teach Maths and Science. They feared for the language might be gone if one was not practicing it. Hey, What is your native language? You already acquire your own Native Language, why not give opportunity for your self to learn other language? This will bring out the best in you. Enough Said. Period.


peng said...

I have a nephew studying in a sekolah kebangsaan. The discrimination against non malays is obvious. I cannot write about it here, nanti you kena isa-ed! Ask Mukriz to straighten that first, that is ensure no discrimination and all students are treated fairly!

Jarod said...

Ask him to deal with it? Nah. Who is he lah... Cannot even solve small matter pun... Change the whole system lah...

peng said...

He is the Education Minister wannabe lah! Didn't he touch on the issue of education? Like real, if he knows what's best!

Jarod said...

even worst lah.. being a Edu ministry also dunno the real problem!!!!

that is why i presume he has never understood how the vernacular sys was run. only think of the benefit of his agenda!