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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Penang - Tons of memories

I was in Penang to attend Paula case. When they decided to further delayed her case, I am pretty upset. What had happened to their motto of "mesra, cepat, dan betul"? (Warm, fast, and right.) In term of Mesra, I still can accept. They politely ask us to wait outside while the officer deal with her and the lawyer team. By the way, normal citizen cannot wait inside the police station compound? Must we be left waiting outside the gate? I pity one of the police officer. He have to take care of us who were standing outside and guard the gate.

Some of us waiting outside the police station.

Fast? Not that fast after all. Her case will only be known during the 3rd day of Chinese New Year 2009. So, what is your reason? No officer to handle her case? Just say it or let her off with some remark also cannot make it? Where is all your men?

"Right"? Hmmm... I have no comment on this. If I say "right", I will be blast. Vice versa :)

Of course, while I am in Penang, I must fill my stomach with delicious delicacy. On the first day of arrival, I met with Paula and family. They brought me to New Lane and Kimberly Lane. Nice food. What I had that night? Tong Shui (A hot soup), Char Kuey Teow, Hokkien mee (Penang style a.k.a. KL Prawn Mee), and Popiah. I remember popiah the most as it is the best that I have come across. I am thinking of another trip to Penang since so many people are willing to tour me around trying the BEST of Penang food!

Thank you Daniel who brought me around Penang and treat me with a bowl of beef noodle.

The next day is even much more memorable as I took a shot of fame with YB Jeff Ooi, the person who left a deep impression in me with his COOL song that he sang during 308 Election.

Where am I?

Ladies and gentlemen, I attended Penang DAP Victorious Dinner @ Han Chiang school. Courtesy of Paula who invited me, I am very honour to be there and met with so many good souls. First of all, I must Thank Paula for this opportunity. This is my FIRST time attending dinner organized by DAP.

Imagine having 10K of people and 1000 tables. Indeed huge.
The below picture is just a row of tents. Imagine having 7-8 rows similar to this.

How the tables was arranged? Have a look at the board.
Now only I notice that there are 9 rows.

Who was there?

Needless to say, Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is a man I salute. The mainstream paper is poking that he has misplaced his loyalty. I would say he is a man who know where to put his sense. He is there to promote a product. The product name? Kita Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

YAB Lim Guan Eng sharing with the people. He was the last one to share. Before he went up, he was going around shaking penangite hands and his fans eager to have a shot of fame with him.

Daniel ^

Paula ^

At the end of my trip, I was quite reluctant to come back to reality that Selangor is where I am base. Still, I am proud of being a Selangorian. :) Thanks to all the Penangites who gave me a memorable days in Penang. By the way, I also bought some books in Penang.

Will tell more in the next post :)


Patricia said...

Hey Jarod,

You are an angel for going up there and standing with Paula. I was sad to see so few there with you.

Happy you had a great time there. Penang is a cool place, eh?


peng said...

Jarod, you kuat makan, huh? Tong sui, char kway teow, hokkien mee and popiah all in one sitting! Cannot blame you.. Penang food is really great!
You are a true pal to go all the way to Penang to give moral slupport to Paula! Way to go, young man!

Jarod said...

Hi Pat,

I do my best. I also have my holiday there :)

Cool place. But I only like to visit old place like antique shop and hunt for food!!!!


Hi peng,
er... actually, Paula bring me to 2 places. hokkien mee and popiah first round. Second round I ate tong shui and char kuey teow.

quite small portion :)

I cannot do much. All I can do is to give moral support.

Thanks both of you for your comment!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jarod

Thanks for the is my pleasure to belanja u cos you look so thinlah brudder...


Anyway, I hope I contributed to the horizontal expansion of Jarod :-)

Thanks for coming up all the way to be with me on that horrible day!

Many thanks for your fellowship. Sorry I could not meet up with you while I was in KL. Next time k?


Jarod said...

Hi Paula,

You are welcome.

eh, Do i look really thin? Just nice lah!!! :D

Is ok. you will come to KL again right? :) tc