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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some thought

I am back to city and now in great spirit!!!

I heard many people miss me huh? :D

I was away helping in a leadership camp for youth at Tapah, Perak. It was wonderful with the scenery and cold atmosphere.

May be I will tell more about it later.

Now, I just heard some one said that he is sorry for saying some thing that is not so nice to hear at Parliament meeting? Oh well, perhaps may be you can consider going to Kindergarten ? I am sorry to say that I am this harsh but this is reality!! An adult with such an attitude should not be our leader! Even our youths are much better! He is actually teaching the younger generation the "not so good words"!

Hey The "BURST-MOUTH" fella, save your face, resign please.

I got a lot to catch up. Blogs, news, my precious sleep and many more. Can some one buy me some time? :D tc

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