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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Change your perception on crime? YOU CHANGE 1st!

Do not give the people a good image that Malaysia is SAFE! I was almost rob behind my house, my house was broken into for 4 times, some relatives of mine was snatched and slashed in front of my house, etc..

Safe? Change our perception? Why not some fella change?

My parents once say that during their period which is 40-50 years back, they can sleep on the road or field and no one would whack them or rob their valuables. Now? Even a short distance is not SAFE. I cannot even feel safe to walk alone to buy some stuff near by as I fear for my safety!

When ever I want to go for a drink, I cannot go back too late. All due to the DARN crime that has been escalating and my parents would be waiting for me to reach home safely.

So, how do you counter this? Do you have a better solution? Hey, Sultan Selangor is not that happy with it. Hope the Head of Police Department get my message here!!!

Innocent people all Kena Kao Kao! Wake up k!


peng said...

Jarod, this is not the only 'incomprehensible' comment he made. Have you read about the ban on hanging laundry at windows or balconies of high-rise homes? Yes he announced a ban effective 1 Jan. fine will be between RM50 to RM150 for the offence. There's more.. he came up with a stupid suggestion that people use dryers (not cheap leh) or hang their laundry at a common area. Can you imagine lower income people having to spend more than a thousand ringgit on a dryer which is probably their one month salary? And people having to carry their laundry in buckets down to the common area for drying everyday? He lives in a white castle in the skies... not down to earth.

Jarod said...

Peng, I read about it. Issues after issues just popping up and I cannot tackle all of it.

Najib is never down to earth. He just have his face. He was born to Former PM. Having luxurious all this life, how can he understand the difficulty other face? If YAB LIM guan Eng, he would understand the people plights.

May be Najib should go to ISA for a week. May be Najib should stay with the under privilege. Of course, do not allow him to carry notes.