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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Are Children supporting Jerit being exploited?

Can any one tell me in what way that the Children have been use?

Malaysiakini stated that "Polis bertindak menahan kumpulan berbasikal "Rakyat Pengayuh Perubahan" bagi menghenti dan mengelak kanak-kanak daripada dieksploitasi oleh pihak tertentu, kata Ketua Polis Selangor, Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar."

Now, Please SHOW me how the children have been use. They have permission letter from their parents. Is it not enough to prove that those children were riding on their bike with permission granted from their parents?

They also claim that children are in danger and they are SAVING THEM! In what way? OK. May be cycling around the highway is not safe. You have your point. But if they are doing it for creating health awareness! Cannot? This holiday does not seem enjoyable for some children. Sigh.

There have been so many abuse cases unsolved in the past years, why are the children not SAVE? NGOs have been highlighting all the problem, yet it goes "flying in the wind".

Enough of your reasons that are unacceptable by the people.

In the near future, a couple need to restrict their productivity because the authority does not allow any group activities that involves more than 4 persons!

Hmmm... another question pop up? Aren't previously the authority encourage people to have more children? I am in confusion. Are you?


–verb (used with object)
1. to utilize, esp. for profit; turn to practical account: to exploit a business opportunity.
2. to use selfishly for one's own ends: employers who exploit their workers.
3. to advance or further through exploitation; promote: He exploited his new movie through a series of guest appearances


peng said...

Ha! Ha! Next time a child cycles on the highway or a main road, must get police permit! Because it is exploitation or child abuse. Police ko-ko is the big protector! Go and get the murderers of Nurin first!

Anonymous said...

They claimed to PROTECTED the children...
Yes, PROTECT. We all still remember how the police PROTECT the Sin Chew reporter using ISA.

Abused? Exploited?
I still remember once the PUTRA UMNO wanted to recruit Mat Rempit. Is that consider EXPLOITAION too? Mat Rempit is not even a registered organization and caused soooo much trouble to public. Why no action taken?

What a double standard!

Jarod said...

Iyo.. Permit is very important lah.. without it, u can prepare your self for any case! And they will forbid you to do any exercises! LoL!

Hmmm.. Sanjuin, Very geram hor?
What to do... their duty not done nicely, all the small matter want to make it big! Suey!